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Reconstruction of capital structures (with the exception of infrastructure facilities) - change in parameters of a capital structure, its parts (height, number of storeys, area, volume), including heightening, rebuilding, extension of a capital structure, as well as replacement and/or restoration of load-bearing structures except for replacement of separate structural elements of such structures for analogous or others elements improving characteristics of such structures and/or restoration of mentioned elements.

The parameters of capital structures, being changed during reconstruction, are specified in the town-planning regulations of land use and development rules of urban districts, urban and rural settlements.

The tax legislation regards reconstruction of buildings and structures, classified as basic assets, as their redevelopment, connected with production upgrading and improvement of its technical and economic indexes for the purpose of increase in capacity, quality improvement and shifts in product mix.

Our experience allows us to correlate our customers’ wishes and designing particularities, procedure of design documentation approval, obtainment of the permit for works execution and for project commissioning. Our company, implementing «one-stop shop» principle, is able to undertake the developer functions saving the customer the trouble of preparing documentation. We focus our attention on regular contacts with representatives of the regulatory authorities and the constant control of legislative changes. This is why we are confident in the future of our implemented project.

CJSC «IngStroyExpert» executed reconstruction of RIA Novosti building in Moscow

During a building reconstruction we will ensure:

  • Building survey;
  • Development of the design documentation (design on a «turnkey» basis);
  • Approval of design with the corresponding authorities and obtainment of the building permit;
  • Construction works;
  • Preparation of the documentation for a project commissioning.