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Airports and heliports


CJSC “INGSTROYEXPERT” realizes as complex projects on a “turnkey” basis as their certain stages including:

  • Design of airport and heliport facilities including “Design” and “Working Documentation” stages.
  • Construction of airports (landing strips, taxiways, aprons, passenger and freight terminals, hangars, office buildings etc).
  • Construction of heliports (helipads with different types of surface, taxiways, parking areas, hangars, container modules for heliport administration, etc).
  • Supply of process equipment for airports (lighting equipment, flight information display systems, baggage-handling systems, introscopes, furniture, etc).
  •  Supply of process equipment for heliports (lighting equipment, wind cones,  floodlights, flashing lights, power panels, cables, connectors, weather equipment, transmitting-receiving and recording equipment, etc).
  • Execution of technical client and engineering supervision functions.
  • Assistance in receipt of air navigation passports.
  • Other types of optional works and services connected with a project realization on a “turnkey” basis.

During execution of works CJSC “INGSTROYEXPERT” uses the innovative technologies and the most modern Russian and foreign equipment.

CJSC “INGSTROYEXPERT” is ready to design, build and equip the heliports of different types, sizes and configurations:

  • On a ground level
  • Elevated above ground
  • Helipads
  • Helidecks

With the following types of surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Aluminum panels
  • Composite panels
  • Plastic panels

Gratings for soil stabilization

Инжстройэксперт       Инжстройэксперт
Инжстройэксперт Инжстройэксперт

For the purpose of optimization of equipment cost and of its following maintenance CJSC  “INGSTROYEXPERT” offers the all-purpose helipad lights with replaceable bulbs.

These lights, depending on bulb color, may be used for:

  • Designation of approach direction (white color)
  • Final approach and takeoff area (white color)
  • Touchdown and liftoff area (green color)
  • Taxiways (blue color)
  • Obstacles boundaries (red color)


In the absence of a permanent power source and a diesel-generator in a heliport, CJSC  “INGSTROYEXPERT” is able to supply the all-purpose lights with replaceable bulbs operating on individual backup battery.


  • Constructs projects in many regions of Russia and abroad.
  • During execution of works maintains quality of projects construction and equipping up to the world standards.
  • Realizes projects within the shortest periods.