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Internal engineering utilities

Our company executes the whole complex of works on design, installation and service of engineering systems for different buildings, as well as on the following engineering systems:

  1. Power supply for projects with voltage up to 35KV
  2. Ventilation
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Heating
  5. Water supply and sewerage
  6. Cold supply
  7. Heat supply
  8. Utility networks control automation
  9. Dispatching control
  10. Structured cabling system
  11. Fire alarm
  12. CCTV
  13. TV, telephone
  14. Fire prevention measures automation

Very often the client, intending to construct the building or to renovate existing premises, doesn’t know what to begin with. Moreover, such words as «technical requirements», «working documentation»,  «technical specification», etc, being used by representatives of different public authorities, responsible for certain engineering systems, may be dismaying.

But as it is known since King Solomon: «All things must pass, and this too will pass» – a construction stage is over, a building is commissioned, and the client has the impression that he can relax at last, but no such luck.

For some reason the heating system works simultaneously with air conditioning; ventilation system intakes air just from untight windows and causes draughts; receptacles and sockets are mounted in wrong places in respect to furniture placement and that’s why the extension cords are all over the place. Does that sound familiar to you?

The reason for these (or similar) problems is lack of agreement between the companies designing different engineering systems as well as between design and construction groups.

Our company implements a comprehensive approach to designing of engineering systems: our specialists dealing with design of all MEP systems work together. All of them have wide experience in designing and, what is more important, in installation of these systems. Such a comprehensive approach allows combining all MEP services and principles of their work even at the «paperwork stage». And as the same specialists fulfill the field supervision during construction, the above-mentioned (or similar) problems, connected with MEP systems operation, can be avoided.

Besides that, our specialists, well experienced in design, can offer our clients different alternate solutions of assigned engineering tasks (from budget up to exclusive) even at the stage of technical specification discussion.

Our engineering team successfully designed, installed and commissioned over 40 projects. The major of them are:

Logistics complex MLP-Podolsk, total area 80,000 sq.m. – internal power supply system, external power supply system 10KV

Logistics complex «IEK», total area 20,000 sq.m. – all internal MEP systems
Logistics complex «MOBIS-Parts CIS», total area 40,000 sq.m. – hot-air heating system, internal power supply system
Logistics complex «Verkhnyaya Pyshma», total area 80,000 sq.m. — internal power supply system and automation of fire measures
Hypermarket «Castorama», total area 12,000 sq.m. — internal and external power supply systems
Hotel «Cosmos»: banquet hall «Vecherny Cosmos», Spa-center, «Pub», total area 2,500 sq.m. – ventilation, conditioning and internal power supply systems
Restaurant, Vozdvizhenka Street, Moscow — listed building – ventilation and internal power supply systems
Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti, editorial office, total area 2,000 sq.m.; dining room and workshops, total area 1,800 sq.m. – all internal MEP systems